Hungary Travel Advice & Safety

Driving permit

You can drive on your Australian driver’s licence for 1 year. You must also have either:

  • a Hungarian translation of your licence
  • an International Driving Permit (IDP)

Get your IDP before your travel.

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Road travel

Highways are usually in good condition.

Driving in rural areas can be dangerous due to poor road maintenance and lighting.

Snow tyres are not mandatory in winter, but check with your insurer.

You must keep car headlights on at all times when driving outside of towns.

If you are driving on the M1, M3, M5 and M7 motorways, you must display a vignette. This is a toll card you can buy at petrol stations, post offices, and online.

Police don’t issue fines for traffic offences. They issue a ticket showing the amount of the fine. This can be paid at any post office.

Police can keep your passport if you dispute a driving fine or offence. They will issue a receipt and a letter asking you to report to a police station. The passport will be returned once the dispute is settled.

Driving with a blood alcohol reading above 0% is an offence. Police can take licences away from drivers under the influence of alcohol.

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Some taxi drivers get commissions to take passengers to bars, clubs and restaurants.

Never ask a taxi driver to recommend a bar, club or restaurant.

Be wary of drivers or friendly strangers who invite you to clubs.

Public transport

If you travel on public transport without a ticket, you’ll be fined.

To avoid a fine, follow all passenger notices. They’re usually printed in English.

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River cruises

If you plan to join a Danube river cruise, read:

Make sure you consider border crossings and travel with your passport.

Air travel

DFAT doesn’t provide information on the safety of individual commercial airlines or flight paths.

Check Hungary’s air safety profile with the Aviation Safety Network.

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